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Julie Becker
St. Francis House

“They’re always problem-solving and thinking things through. When we had glitches with the city, they were able to present options to meet the city’s requirements but still provide a beautiful home for our guests.”

Erica Mulally
Prairie Hills Galleria

“Lloyd Companies is great to work with. They’re organized, they send out a schedule and keep you up to date on where things are landing. The level of communication is outstanding.”

Richard Mell

“We have about 12 years of experience working with Lloyd. It’s a long relationship and a good one. They were knowledgeable with solutions, they were responsive to our needs and communicated well through the entire construction process,”

Brian Roegiers
McCrossan Boys Ranch

“The communication was second to none of any construction company I’ve worked with building projects. There were always goals set for when the next piece of the project would be done, and they were very, very respectful and kept the site secure. It was just a really good experience.”

Dave Johnson
Glory House

“Our project went very well, and Lloyd was very thorough. They really helped us, as an agency that had never been through this process, to understand and kept us going in the right direction as we walked our way through it.”