Case Study: WilLiquors

When: November 2019
Where: Sioux Falls, SD
Value: $5.7 million | 26,223 SF
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The Story

Breaking record as the largest liquor superstore between Chicago and Denver, Lloyd Construction had high expectations to meet when building WilLiquors.

“We know it’s a prime location. We’re very pleased with it,” said general manager Fred Ibach.

The company started in Bismarck, N.D., in 2014 and decided it was time to expand into a new market. Their new Sioux Falls location is near the northwest corner of 69th Street and Louise Avenue.

“We know we’re going to be a destination shop, but when you come in to shop, we’re hoping you’ll be overwhelmed by the courtesy and educated staff and the sheer presence of a beautiful floor,” said Ibach.

The 26,000 square foot store has hundreds of options for wine, beer and liquor as well as a casino in the back and a walk-in humidor for cigars.

The entire right side of the store is wine, with custom shelving to display the product.

“The bottom three shelves are lay-downs, so any of your higher-end wines will be stored and aging properly,” Lambert said. “They’re not getting a ton of light exposure, so the quality will hold up.”