Lloyd Development Projects

Kelby Kleinsasser
Farmers Business Network

“I just don’t have enough good things to say about the folks at Lloyd. They took on a long-term view from the first meeting. The tone of the relationship was set, and it was shared by everyone who worked on the team.”

Al Schoeneman
Schoeneman Lumber Company

“Lloyd Companies is a trustworthy family organization built upon hard work and integrity. They are a flexible partner who faces challenges with a positive outlook and a creative problem-solving approach.”

Meta Financial Group
Meta Financial Group

“Our building was so well thought out that not only is it continuing to function very well for Meta today, but the company is positioned to continue growing under one roof thanks to the design and foresight Lloyd helped with more than a decade ago.”

Lorraine Polak
South Dakota Housing Development Authority

“Lloyd Companies is actively involved with developing housing for nonprofit agencies throughout South Dakota. They understand partnerships, open communication and commitment. It’s a testimony to who they are as an organization. Decisions made are not always about the bottom line.”