Construction topping out beam signing

Building Your Vision

Lloyd Construction knows details matter.

We deliver projects on time, on budget and with passion for performance to back it all up.

Beginning with our expertise in planning and project management, we put your project on a “fast track” with lean principles that emphasize eliminating excess and encourage efficiency.

We leverage our extensive knowledge and vast resources as we manage onsite crews for new builds or renovations.

With an emphasis on safety and collaboration, we’re proud of the outstanding team we’ve built and would love to work with you.


Meet The Construction Team

“The project had to be drawn out and engineered, and it was amazing to watch it come to life. It turned out great, stuff was done right and everything was completed with a high level of quality. Lloyd has been amazing with their attention to detail.”

Sean Coffman

“They’re good partners. Everything was on budget, and we were very pleased with the progression of the project.”

Dick Molseed
Avera Addiction Care Center

“The overall experience was excellent working with Lloyd Companies. The building turned out even better than we were hoping for. We had a vision in mind and once it came to fruition, it exceeded our expectations because everything fit together and flowed so well throughout the building.”

Ryan Brown
American Bank & Trust

“DakotAbilities has had the opportunity to partner with Lloyd on a number of residential projects. In all cases, the Lloyd team was meticulous in the detail of the unique needs that the adults with developmental disabilities have to live as independently as possible.”

Nathan Stallinga

“The Lloyd team was very good to work with. They put together a good team that was well-rounded and had different experiences among the members which brought a good wealth of knowledge to the team as a whole. They were responsive, easy to get along with and made sure everything was done correctly.”

Mike Allard
Fleet Farm