Commercial Property Management

Lumber Exchange Building

Little Details. Big Results.

Yes, there is such a thing as worry-free commercial property ownership. It starts with Lloyd Property Management.

We make your life easier while helping your bottom line grow. Simply tell us what you need, and we’ll create a custom property management plan to cover all the bases.

We’ll handle leasing, make sure your property is safe and secure, enhance your curb appeal, keep everything well-maintained and even help you market. You can focus on the big picture while we cover all details.


Meet The Team

“In a property management company, investors look for competence, cheerful answers to many financial, maintenance and tenant relations questions, support in problem-solving and a willingness to answer the phone. Lloyd Companies consistently provides all of that as well as the reassuring touch of personal friendship that confirms, ‘We’re in this together”.”

Building Owner

“We really appreciate how well Lloyd Companies keeps up their locations. The organization is so professional.”

Current Tenant

“Throughout our dealings with Lloyd Companies, which have covered a period of seven years, we have found the organization to be top-notch in every way – professional, dedicated and exceptionally successful.”

Building Owner

“The Lloyd team manages our office complex in a manner that keeps the professional image we all expect. They think ahead and follow the rules which is an intregal part of being in business.”

Current Tenant

“Lloyd Companies Construction and Commercial Property Management teams are professional and responsive to all our needs. Looking forward to many more years of working together.”

Current Client

“Lloyd’s Commercial Property Management team has always been professional and responsive to our business needs. Assistance is prompt with follow-up confirming they have met our needs. They’re a solid team to work with.”

Current Tenant