Case Study: Glory House

When: December 2019
Where: Sioux Falls, SD
Value: $1.9 million | 25 units
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The Story

Lloyd Companies served as the general contractor for a Glory House building, which provides residential and outpatient support to those struggling with addiction, mental health problems and poor life skills.

Project Size And Scope

The nearly 16,000 square-foot four-story building includes 25 efficiency units. Each unit has a kitchen, bathroom, living/sleeping space and closet along with a mini-split heating and cooling system. Two floors have a common bathroom, and there is a community room and laundry room. The laundry can be controlled through an app on resident’s smartphones. The investment is estimated at $1.9 million.


Construction began in April 2019 and finished on schedule in mid-December 2019.


The area lacked a storm sewer line, so everything flows down the street and into a highway ditch. Lloyd had to overcome the challenge of getting parking elevations exactly right to allow for a high volume of water to flow from the building down to the street. Too much slope could cause ice to form during the winter, blocking vehicles from the parking lot or stalls. Not enough slope could cause pooling water and potential flooding, so it became a very precise job.

Client Experience

“Our project went very well, and Lloyd was very thorough. They really helped us, as an agency that had never been through this process, to understand and kept us going in the right direction as we walked our way through it. It’s an ongoing learning process, and they’re still right there beside us to help us. And I know if we have questions, which we will, that they will be there to support us.”

– Dave Johnson, Glory House Executive Director