Ten Nonprofits And Counting: Meet The Organizations Helped By Lloyd’s 50-Year Celebration

Ten Nonprofits And Counting: Meet The Organizations Helped By Lloyd’s 50-Year Celebration

50th Anniversary , Our Communities

Each month, in celebration of Lloyd’s 50th anniversary, Lloyd Companies is selecting two nonprofit organizations based on community nominations and presenting them with a check for $1,972 – representing our company being founded in 1972.

“As thankful as we are to have been part of our communities for 50 years, getting to know the nonprofits that are making a huge difference here every day through their service has made us even more grateful to be doing be doing business here,” said Mary Lloyd-Huber, who leads family business philanthropy for the company.

“The stories have been incredible and the winners so deserving,” she said. “We can’t wait to continue recognizing the work being done throughout the rest of the year.”

For May, Lloyd Companies honored the Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation and Waypoint Services in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation

The Sioux Falls School District joins Lloyd in celebrating a big anniversary this year – it’s marking 150 years. And since 2008, the Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation has been funding grants that empower educators and enhance student engagement.

The stories are inspiring – it’s amazing what a relatively small amount of funding can mean within a classroom.

Every first-time teacher receives $200 toward supplying a classroom. Then, each year, Public School Proud Grants are awarded to teachers to fund innovative ideas and curricula including everything from light tables to robotics kits to outdoor classrooms. Additionally, its Student Success Fund aids the School District’s social workers in providing personal hygiene products as well as emergency food and clothing to at-risk students. It’s been used for everything from washers and dryers at elementary schools to scholarships for students who can’t afford $150 to take the GED exam.

“My sister-in-law is a teacher, and one year for her birthday she asked for dry erase markers for her classroom,” one nominator wrote. “People often assume schools provide educators with these basic supplies, but many do not have it in their budgets. When a teacher has just graduated from college and he/she needs to prepare a classroom, especially at the elementary level, they purchase posters, classroom sets of books, puzzles, games, flashcards, organization kits, bulletin board materials, etc.”

Waypoint Services

Waypoint Services is serving a critical need elsewhere in our region, supporting the Cedar Rapids community with domestic violence victim services, housing services, a childcare program and a program for victims of violent crimes.

Those served include women like Rachel, who reported she’d been assaulted by her partner and fled their home late at night with her two children. In the past, she had taken her kids and slept in their vehicle to avoid the abuse but returned back in the morning. But this time, she truly feared he may have killed her.

“Waypoint was able to provide gas money, a cell phone, and groceries so she could stay with her family until she could figure out her plan. She received safety planning, advocacy, and was connected to resources to help find her a safe place to live for her and her family,” the nominator said.

When Kelly and her family had to move, Waypoint connected her with crucial before and after-school care so she could continue working and provide for her family.

Despite working full-time, Kelly still struggled to provide everything her family needed at times. Waypoint was able to provide her with hygiene kits and other items to support her family while she worked to build stability. When the Derecho hit, their home was damaged, and Kelly couldn’t afford the repairs because she had recently lost her job due to the pandemic. Waypoint’s Derecho Recovery Program connected Kelly with Helping Hands, who provided volunteers to replace the windows at no cost. Kelly has also been able to participate in Waypoint Wonderland to provide holiday gifts for her boys.

“We have been so blessed to be invited and the few years have been absolutely amazing. Everyone who was there to help were all so wonderful, and my boys loved everything they received,” Kelly said.  “Waypoint goes above and beyond, and they really care about the people they help in this community.”


Here’s a look at the other organizations that have received $1,972 so far this year, along with words from some of their nominators.

Children’s Home Society Making Memories Fund

“I was a child that once lived at Children’s Home back in 1990-1991. This is a safe place where good and amazing people are doing great things with and for children that have had to deal with trauma through no fault of their own. This money would allow them to continue their work helping more children. Thank you!”

Caring Closet

“I worked at an elementary school in Mitchell, and while we were in school a little girls house burned down and completely destroyed everything.  By the end of the school day she had everything needed to be fully clothed for the next day and beyond!  Her eyes light up and we were so very thankful for this help in her time of need!”

The Compass Center

Family Visitation Center

“Words truly cannot convey the impact your investment will make on the futures of innocent children today, tomorrow, and for a plethora of tomorrows to come by making it possible for them to safely spend important time with the parents they love – no matter what previous trauma has occurred.

Kids want to see their parents.  They don’t want their parents to disappear; they just want the trauma to vanish.  You will make their wishes for safe time with family come true.”

Collision Center

“Teens are facing a world that is very different than the times I grew up in. how can we help them navigate these times with its’ specific challenges? Collision places adults in the lives of Sioux Falls area teens to care for them, train them and teach them how to handle the pressures of today. My husband and I are proud to be supporters of their ministry and know that we are helping them to change the world, one young person at a time.”

One Heart

“The services that OneHeart offers, assist individuals living in the crisis of poverty to realize their full potential.  Working here and being able to see the growth and change in our guests, is pretty amazing.  My favorite memory so far has been the day we enrolled a family and were giving a tour of the campus.  The family had an elementary age boy with them and out of everything that we offered, he was most excited about the laundry room.  He was known at school as the stinky kid due to not having access to laundry on a regular basis and he was absolutely thrilled that he could wash his own clothes regularly.  Having grown up in a similar situation, it really hit home what we are doing and how we are changing people’s lives.”

Sioux Falls CASA

“Children in foster care need an advocate to build a relationship with them during a very difficult time. Children often switch schools, daycare, and foster homes during their journey. Having a CASA means they have one person who remains a constant. The CASA has one family so has time to devote to learning the whole picture and can provide a valuable recommendation to the judge.”

Huntington’s Disease Society South Dakota

“I’ve known people personally who have struggled with Huntington’s disease and just how brutal of a diagnosis it can be. HDSA is fighting to find care and a cure for those with Huntington’s disease. They have been relentless, passionate and inspiring in their efforts and they deserve all the help they can get!”

Would you like to nominate a deserving nonprofit? Click here to learn more and submit your nomination.