Rick Rea

Project Manager

As a Project Manager, Rick will coordinate all construction processes to align with the budget and schedule for commercial and multifamily housing projects. He will define the project objectives and will oversee quality control with a focus on building strong teams resulting in improved efficiencies, greater value, high performance and cost savings.

Professional Passion

Building teams that work together efficiently and with respect for each other and the profession.

Setting new standards and tearing down stereotypes for construction projects.

Personal Interests

Rick is passionate about the gospel of Christ, his family and nature activities including hiking, rock-climbing, jet skiing, etc.  He is also a skilled furniture maker, he creates thoughtful living spaces and enjoys gardening.

Best Part of My Job

Creating work environments that provide thoughtful responses instead of stress inducing reactions.

Promoting respectful discourse to resolve difficult challenges.

Community Involvement

Local church activities

Donation of carpentry and home repair for local elderly couples.


Ursinus College