Lloyd Companies Enters Strategic Partnership With OSHA As Work Moves Forward On Block 5

Lloyd Companies Enters Strategic Partnership With OSHA As Work Moves Forward On Block 5

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Lloyd Companies and OSHA have formed a strategic partnership agreement focused on Lloyd’s Block 5 development in downtown Rapid City.

“This partnership brings together Lloyd, OSHA and the subcontractors working on Block 5 in a relationship where all groups will “facilitate OSHA’s goal to reduce work-related fatalities and injuries within the construction industry,” said Mike Dill, Executive Vice President of Construction for Lloyd.

The partnership brings increased training, implementation of best work practices, enhanced safety and compliance with applicable OSHA standards and regulations to all involved.

“This is especially helpful for smaller companies we’re working with as subcontractors that do not have a safety team,” Dill said. “As part of our agreement, Lloyd is helping teach and write safety programs for their companies, so when they leave Block 5, they will continue the practices and safety skills taught.”

All groups participate in the specific goals laid out in the agreement with OSHA, he added.

“These are things like increased awareness of the most common causes of injuries, participating in all safety stand downs, and increasing the number of written safety and health programs for all trades on site,” Dill said.

Lloyd entered the same strategic partnership with OSHA in March 2023 focused on The Steel District in downtown Sioux Falls.

“There has been tremendous value as every week all trades have a group safety meeting and discuss the logistics and safety concerns of the week and areas needing improvement,” Dill said. “The trades are understanding the need to discuss near misses within each day. The biggest benefit is the trades are now looking out for the safety of everyone not just those within their company.”

Block 5 is progressing well, he added.

Recently model rooms were completed for the Hyatt Place hotel, as rough-ins have commenced and the team is working on a weather-tight envelope for the hotel as framing continues above.

“Our team has been diligently working on framing of the first floor of the apartments so we can continue to go vertical,” Dill said. “There is a tremendous amount of work on this floor as compared to the rest of the project as this is where the structural transition takes place between the hotel and the apartments.”

Block 5 is on track to open in 2025.