It’s Full! The Cascade Enters Summer With All Retail Space Leased

It’s Full! The Cascade Enters Summer With All Retail Space Leased


We couldn’t have found a more delicious way to finish leasing at The Cascade.

Welcome, Mary’s Mountain Cookies, a fantastic cookie shop based in Colorado that is coming to downtown Sioux Falls.

Franchisees Dave and Becky McElroy discovered it in Rapid City; our own Raquel Blount has tasted it in Fort Collins, Colo.

“They’re really fantastic cookies,” said Blount, who handles leasing for the Cascade. “I think Sioux Falls is absolutely going to love this and it’s a perfect fit for the Cascade.”

Mary’s Mountain Cookies will offer classic and creative cookie flavors – from chocolate chip and Snickerdoodle to gourmet creations like Monster Cookie and S’Mores.

There will be ice cream, too, including ice cream-filled cookies. You’ll also be able to order giant cookies, cookie trays and gift baskets.

“We’re still a very specialty boutique-type store, so we’re not trying to mass-produce,” Becky McElroy said.

The Cascade “really fit the business model for the franchise,” she continued. “They prefer a foot traffic location, so a downtown location like in Rapid City has been very successful. We loved the up-and-coming downtown loft living lifestyle and that it’s a variety of ages.”

She’s also excited for Levitt at the Falls and the future Jacobson Plaza just across Phillips Avenue – as well as her neighbors at the Cascade.

“We’re flanked by the brewery and Papa Woody’s and so many boutique specialty shops, which really fits what we are as well,” she said.

The Cascade has enjoyed steady leasing since it opened, but it’s great to be full, Blount said.

“We are really happy with the mix of tenants we’ve created here,” she said. “Whether you’re looking for a meal, a snack or a beverage, some shopping or even groceries, you’ll find it all here. The residents in this building love all the options, the businesses work very well together, and visitors continue to discover the mix here and come back. When you combine the retail success with the incredible demand for residential lofts here, it makes the Cascade a complete success story for Lloyd Companies.”

Check out all of the retail options at The Cascade.