At Lloyd Companies, Women In Construction Are ‘Key To The Future’

At Lloyd Companies, Women In Construction Are ‘Key To The Future’

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One is from small-town South Dakota. The other is from San Diego. But both women are part of a movement to grow construction talent within Lloyd Companies.

“Construction is exciting, as every day is different,” said Diana Arnold, Safety Director at Lloyd. “I enjoy watching a project start as dirt and evolve into a beautiful creation.”

This week, companies nationwide, including Lloyd, will mark “Women in Construction Week” as part of a national event first held in 1998 through the National Association of Women in Construction. This year’s theme, “Keys to the Future,” celebrates women’s strength and knowledge and the vital role they play in shaping the future of the construction industry.

This has definitely been the case at Lloyd. As we’ve grown, women like Arnold and her colleague, Kelli Velde, have found new opportunities and helped support the company’s expansion into new markets and communities.

“You see more women in the industry every day,” Velde said, Lloyd Construction’s Training Coordinator. “Lloyd is very fair and does a great job with hiring women in the construction industry.”

Women take varied paths into the field, Arnold, a native of Plankinton, S.D., received a criminal justice degree before moving into a Payroll/Accounting position within Lloyd in 2006 and then becoming a Safety Coordinator prior to being promoted into her Director role in 2018.

Velde worked in construction for many years in San Diego as part of the company’s I.T. department. She’s now a trainer in Lloyd’s construction division and joined the company in 2022.

“It’s the people, culture, fun and how every day is different that keeps me here,” she said. “The best part is working with each new hire to the construction department and on job sites as issues arise.”

Both women say the opportunities in construction keep multiplying.

“Lloyd promotes diversity and is changing attitudes within the industry, offering a welcoming environment for women in construction,” Arnold said. “There have been increased efforts in promoting and breaking gender barriers and mindsets. While I first started, it often felt like I was one of few women in the room. But over time, I’ve seen more and more women stepping into key roles, from project management and safety managers to skilled trades.”

Lloyd always is looking to grow the project and field teams for construction, along with leadership roles like project managers and superintendents.

“Speaking from my observations and experiences, I’ve witnessed a noticeable evolution in the opportunities available for women in the construction field, and it’s heartening to see,” Arnold said. “I would tell women to embrace the challenge, break through the stereotypes and trust your abilities. Women’s presence will contribute to the diversity and success of the field, paving the way for more women to follow.”

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