9/11/19 Storm Updates

9/11/19 Storm Updates

Our Communities

As we survey the devastation in our community, Lloyd Companies wants to extend our appreciation to our residents and tenants who are dealing with loss across the community.  We are responsible for thousands of homes affected by this storm and many businesses.  We assure each of our residents and tenants that just as we are there in the good times, we are here for you now.  Please contact our corporate office with any issues that you are facing to ensure we are addressing all problems.  If you require immediate help from our team please call 605.323.2820.

We also thank the first responders who are aiding in the recovery efforts as well as the men and women of our utility companies and the city staff out working around the clock to restore power and order to our world.

As we have further updates on individual properties, we will be in close communication. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone on our team for help.

Sioux Falls is an incredible community, and Lloyd Companies is committed to improving the quality of life for everyone within our great city.



Lloyd Companies is currently fielding emergency calls/voice messages and prioritizing emergencies at our various properties. We are aware of the following:

7:27 pm

  • All Lloyd Companies Residential Properties have had immediate & emergency concerns addressed.
  • Replacement windows, landscaping, fencing, etc. should be completed over the next few weeks.
  • All roof and window repairs should be able to withstand tonight’s storm, however we have our 24-hour maintenance teams ready to respond.
  • If you have a maintenance emergency, please call your property’s phone number and follow the instructions for a maintenance emergency.
  • Thank you all for your patience and assistance throughout the day – and for being a resident at a Lloyd Community.

8:01 am

  • Deer Ridge: trees blocking entrances.
  • Woodlake: broken windows.
  • Holly Plaza: damaged windows and HVAC system.

7:37 am

  • Donegal Apartments: roof damage.
  • The Commons Apartments: roof damage.
  • Royal Oak: garage doors caved in and power issues.
  • Woodlake: water leaks.
  • Killarney Crossings: water leaks.
  • Windsor Heights Apartments: water leaks.

8:47 am

  • Woodlake: some shattered windows.