Sammi Sundby

Commercial Property Manager

As Commercial Property Manager, Sammi collaborates with her team to ensure efficient management of Lloyd’s portfolio of commercial properties in Sioux Falls and Rapid City. She strives to help businesses create a positive space where they can grow, thrive, and be impactful members of our community. With a dedication to building strong client relationships and fostering community engagement, Sammi is committed to driving business growth and enhancing regional prosperity.

Professional Passion

Helping businesses in the area have a space where they can grow and thrive. Sammi has a passion for helping South Dakota and the Midwest progress and become a vibrant place for people to live, work and visit.

Personal Interests

Sammi spends most of her free time in the athletic world. She is often found at track and field practice, track meets or other sporting events. She also enjoys traveling, being outside and attending yoga classes.

Best Part of My Job

The opportunity to meet and build connections with tenants throughout the community as well as with her coworkers at Lloyd. In addition, Sammi takes pride in helping Lloyd expand to new markets including Rapid City where she can connect with her hometown.

Community Involvement

Augustana Track and Field Team