Erik Olsby

General Manager | Hyatt Place Rapid City

As General Manager, Erik orchestrates the seamless operation of Hyatt Place, ensuring every aspect runs like a well-oiled machine. His primary focus is equipping his dedicated team with the resources and support necessary to excel in their roles, fostering a culture of success and achievement throughout the establishment. Additionally, he is committed to ensuring the needs of valued guests are met with the highest level of care and attention to detail, ensuring an exceptional experience during their stay at Hyatt Place.

Professional Passion

The opportunity to lead and serve others within this dynamic environment. There’s a profound joy in facilitating meaningful connections and witnessing the gratitude reflected in others’ smiles. He is thrilled to play a role, no matter how small, in driving forward Lloyd Companies vision and contributing to the collective success of the Rapid City community.

Personal Interests

Embarking on Razr rides with family through the breathtaking landscapes of the Black Hills. Exploring undiscovered territories and stumbling upon hidden gems is a cherished pastime for Erik. From stumbling upon old mine shafts to uncovering century-old building foundations in states of graceful decay, these adventures offer people a unique glimpse into history and the natural world that few have experienced firsthand.

Community Involvement

Mason at the Golden Star Lodge No. 7, where Masons oversee the CHIPS program, dedicated to providing parents with essential documentation for their children.

Served on the board for the Homestake Opera House and Arts Council in Lead, SD, contributing to the enrichment of our community’s cultural landscape.

Best Part of my Job

Witnessing the moment when a fellow employee experiences that “aha” revelation – it’s like seeing a light bulb flicker above their head. That moment of clarity and understanding is incredibly fulfilling. It is Erik’s passion to facilitate growth and learning within the team, knowing that he’s contributed to someone’s professional development and has helped them achieve their goals.


Bachelors in Graphic Design and Bachelors in Fine Art  from Black Hills State University.