To Say Thank You: We’re Giving Away $52,000 To Deserving Nonprofits!

To Say Thank You: We’re Giving Away $52,000 To Deserving Nonprofits!

Inside Lloyd

Sometimes, an idea comes together so well it’s worth repeating. That’s definitely the case with how we celebrated our 50th anniversary at Lloyd Companies in 2022 – giving away $1,972 grants to deserving community causes chosen by our team and community members.

So, we’re bringing it back and doing even more.

In 2024, in recognition of our 52nd year in business, we started with nearly $52,000, divided it by $1,972 – because we were founded in 1972 – and decided to give back to 26 nonprofits throughout the year.

“Although the $52,000 is just a fraction of our giving budget this year, we think it’s a great way for our employees to be involved in our giving. Our employees loved being a part of it in 2022, and we loved getting to learn more about the amazing efforts happening in the communities we serve,” said Mary Lloyd-Huber, Lloyd Family Business Manager, who is helping coordinate the effort.

This year, anyone can nominate a deserving effort each quarter – the deadline for the first quarter is March 15 – and Lloyd Companies’ culture committee will review all applications.

“It can be a lot! Last time, we had 90 or so applications coming in every month. The selection committee will take all applications submitted each quarter, narrow them down and then send the top 10 out to our entire team to vote on. This is a way for us to learn more about our team members – we hope all 400 plus of them take the time to vote on where the funds should go!,” Lloyd-Huber said.

“This of course doesn’t represent all our giving at Lloyd, but we love that it’s a way to empower all our employees to share in our philanthropy and how it reflects our mission of improving quality of life for communities across our region.”

Funds stay in the local in the communities we serve which include the following:

  • Mitchell, Rapid City, Sioux Falls, S.D.
  • Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and Sioux City, Iowa

We’re looking to recognize nonprofits that:

  • Provide education, food, shelter or health services for those in our community.
  • Are a registered 501C3 organization.

Those who received a 1972 Award during the anniversary year are eligible to apply again. Multiple nominations are encouraged, and applications can be re-submitted each quarter if they aren’t funded.

“Really the more the merrier for nominations,” Lloyd-Huber said. “The more stories we get, the better. We enjoy seeing creativity and are moved by stories that touch your heartstrings. We want to know about the organization’s mission, but we really want to get a sense of the impact that it’s having.”

To learn more about applying for a 2024 grant award, click here.