Preview Cars For Sale Headquarters


It’s far from a typical construction project.

With a lower level auditorium seating hundreds, a racecar suspended from a wall and a bank vault door used in an office, the corporate headquarters of gave Lloyd Construction lots of unique building opportunities.

“This is really a signature project for us,” vice president of construction Wade Behm said. “We’re excited to be turning it over to so they can begin moving it and making the space their own.”

The building is the vision of company founder Sean Coffman, who worked closely with Lloyd Companies throughout the project.

“These guys know what they’re doing. They’re professionals,” Coffman said. “Lloyd hit it out of the park. They absolutely delivered.”

Stay tuned for more updates at the CarsforSale building after employees move in later this month.

For a tour of the progress from www.SiouxFalls.Business, click here.