November Cars For Sale Update


You might expect an office like the one Lloyd Companies is building to show up in Silicon Valley. But this tech company headquarters is right here in Sioux Falls, where is getting ready to move into a new space on the shores of Lake Lorraine.

“This will be unlike any office building in Sioux Falls, and we are honored to be creating such an ambitious project,” vice president of construction Wade Behm said. “As a company, we are grateful for the chance to grow our relationship with this very successful local business.”

The growing tech company – which has more than 200 employees and lists 2 million vehicles nationwide – has designed a building that embraces innovation.
“Some of the most unique and fun challenges were having a slide come down from second floor to main, which will be very cool,” construction manager Michael Hickman said.
That’s not the only fun feature in this 115,00-square-foot building.
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