Lloyd Companies Connects With Team At All-Staff Event

Lloyd Companies Connects With Team At All-Staff Event

Inside Lloyd

 Good communication is critical to helping teams succeed.

At Lloyd Companies, we’re committed to keeping our staff informed about our company and our community. We recently brought our team together for a half-day of information and education and wanted to give you a look inside.

 “It’s one thing to talk about being better communicators. But this is how we show we mean it. By bringing our team together and sharing our agenda, we clearly demonstrate we want our employees to know what’s happening at Lloyd Companies and how they can contribute to our shared success,” CEO Chris Thorkelson said

The day started with some food, of course, and then a session with Lloyd executive leadership.

“We shared our results from 2017 and communicated our 2018 strategic plan. It’s important our team members know not just what we’re planning to work on as a company, but why we’re doing it and how it’s part of a broader approach to growing not just this year but for many years to come,” Thorkelson said.

Breakout sessions then offered Lloyd staff the chance to learn about company financials or personal budgeting and then to take some virtual tours or learn about how to improve time management.

“We wanted to offer a chance to go more in-depth and learn about what our company is all about or give the time to employees to work on skills that will directly help them in their daily lives,” Thorkelson said. “From there, we also offered them a chance to learn about new professional development opportunities coming to them through Lloyd University.”

The program ended with a panel discussion featuring seven members of the Lloyd leadership team.

“It’s important to hear directly from your leaders, to have the chance to ask questions and to talk about the common mission we all share – improving quality of life for the communities we serve,” Thorkelson said. “Lloyd Companies is successful year after year because of the people who work here. Events like this are a chance to show them we recognize that and appreciate it and are committed to keeping them informed and helping them grow as we grow.”