Case Study: Department of Homeland Security/Immigration & Customs Enforcement

When: 2012
Where: Sioux Falls, SD
Value: $8 million | 28,200 SF
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The Story

Lloyd Companies’ work on the DHS-ICE building in Sioux Falls is a testament to our lean and efficient “fast track” construction process. 

Built in 2011 and 2012, DHS-ICE is a LEED Certified and Blast Rated General Service Administration building. It meets strict federal compliance regulations relating to sustainability and security and is a new design concept that masterfully houses two separate government agencies in a single complex.

It is host to both Homeland Security Investigations and Enforcement and Removal Operations.

Combining two separate government entities presented challenges to our construction team, as the space includes office functions, detention functions, and has command center capabilities in the event of an emergency.

The project included a number of headaches and hurdles that had to be jumped, but it never included any uncertainty. 

One might think that pairing a newly designed mixed-use government facility with a LEED Certification and Blast Rating would cause delays and overspending, but it didn’t for Lloyd. Our team completed the project on budget in 213 days.

Our proven expertise, technical prowess, and all-around passion for performance shines on this project. Not only did we erect the DHS-ICE building, we saved our client money and resources, we promoted renewable and clean energy, and we kept our government personnel safe.

We’re honored to have been a part of this important project and are thrilled that we were able to accommodate all of its unique needs. Construction is a fast-paced industry, but our motivation is always rooted in three simple goals. Stay on time, stay on budget, and exceed expectations. We were successful in all three areas with the DHS-ICE build, and given the complexity of this project, we could not be more confident about our success on projects to come.