Case Study: Avera Addiction Care Center

When: December 2019
Where: Sioux Falls, SD
Value: $6.5 Million | 25,000 SF
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The Story

“They’re good partners. Everything is on budget, and we’re very pleased with the progression of that project,”  said Dick Molseed, Avera’s Vice Rresident of Strategy and Governance.

Lloyd Companies built a first-of-its-kind center for Avera Health: One that will provide both residential care and day treatment for those struggling with addiction.

The Avera Addiction Care Center includes two one-story buildings, totaling about 20,000 square feet. One building will hold 32 private rooms with shared bathrooms between each two, and the other will offer day treatment, group dining and meditation space.

“These buildings are unique in that they’re institutional, but they don’t feel, look or seem institutional,” said Molseed. “That goes to a different way of architecture, design thought and construction. And we thought it made sense to work with Lloyd Companies. This is in their wheelhouse. And we could not be more pleased with the quality and communication on the Lloyd side.”

Lloyd was selected, in part, for its broad experience developing and building multifamily projects, Molseed said.

“The blend of residential and office is unique,” Project Manager Mike Dill said. “There’s not really anything we haven’t done before, but we’ve got both residential building for the patients and a kitchen and dining room that serve everyone, as well as a centering room built out of concrete in the middle of the building that also can serve as a storm shelter.”

Lloyd was mindful that the work took place next to a residential neighborhood, Dill added.

“We had an audience at all times, and we were careful to keep it a clean site, alert everybody ahead of time with signage as to what’s coming, and we try to be as neat and organized as possible,” he said.