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Luke Jessen

Director of Marketing

BA: Business Administration, Augustana College; Cum Laude.
MPS: Real Estate Development, Georgetown University.

My Role:
Part of my job is to study the markets that we do business in - analyzing occupancies, looking ahead at trends in the region and maintaining a knowledge of developments in our current markets as well as growth markets. I also oversee the company's branding, advertising, and public relations initiatives.

Professional Passion:
I am passionate about growing Sioux Falls. I love to travel and dream about seeing Sioux Falls become a destination city - complete with great retail centers, beautiful office space and a vibrant downtown.

I oversee Lloyd Companies' Community Events Board which helps to provide employees with opportunities to volunteer in our communities.

Something most people don't know about me:

Many people don't know that I love to play the piano - I started taking lessons when I was in kindergarten and didn't stop until I graduated from high school.

The best part of my job is:

Having the opportunity to do great things for the communities that we do business in. I'm so blessed to work for a company that helps individuals find homes to live in, spaces to open up their own businesses or bringing employment opportunities to the region.