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Style Guide: Greige is all the Reige

Home décor nuts can’t get enough of the color “greige.” It’s all the “reige” online, so if you’re unfamiliar with the concept, there’s a good chance it has been awhile since your last Pinterest or Instagram login.

Greige is exactly what it sounds like—the perfect mixture of grey and beige. But it is more than just a portmanteau. The term is derived from French and Italian words meaning “raw silk.” Designers use greige instead of colder greys to liven up a room while maintaining the raw, blank canvas that they desire.

The beauty of greige is in its versatility. It allows decorators to pursue design styles from modern to rustic while mixing and matching colors. If a room’s décor gets tired or outdated, a greige backdrop gives a person the freedom to rearrange and add pieces as necessary.

At Lloyd Companies, we’ve been greige-ing for years. As property managers, attractive and versatile paint colors make our apartments look good and give our residents the opportunity to customize their homes to cater to their personal style. Whether you live at a Lloyd Companies property or not, check out different greige designs online. To help you begin your search, I’ve included a couple of designs that would look great in any new townhome or apartment. Get your greige on today!