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Moving Moments: Robin's Story

Our Moving Moments series captures current renters as they talk about living in our communities.  Meet Robin, one of our residents at The Bluffs at Willow Run:

When she heard about The Bluffs at Willow Run Apartments, Robin admits her reaction was similar to what others might think.
“I said, ‘I’m not going to go there. It’s way too far.’ I was very close-minded,” she said.
Shortly after moving back to Sioux Falls from North Carolina, “everybody kept saying you’ve got to live downtown,” she said.
While she was checking out the Lloyd Companies’ Phillips Avenue Lofts, property managers reminded her The Bluffs might be an option.
“And I said no, no, and then I drove by,” Robin said.
A trip to Grand Falls Casino took her right by the Bluffs apartments, which she then realized actually are a quick drive east of Dawley Farms.
“I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness. These must be what they were talking about.’ It was like, ‘Wow.’ These are totally different.”
The Bluffs, Robin learned, is unlike any other apartment complex in the Sioux Falls area.
While she had been considering buying a home, because she wasn’t sure about the idea of renting, a visit to the Bluffs quickly changed her mind.

“This isn’t like living in an apartment. This is not the same feel,” she said. “And I like the way I was treated. I feel safe there. And after moving away and coming back I’ve now met so many people.”
Her days typically include a visit to the attached GreatLIFE fitness center, where she likes to do cardio and is planning to work out with a personal trainer.
She’s looking forward to walking directly onto Willow Run Golf Course when she picks up the sport again this season.
She likes the time she gets to spend in her one-bedroom apartment, too, where amenities include granite counters, tile backsplash and a deck with a great fourth floor view.
“Our resident concierge, Jessica, is wonderful, and I like Ken the maintenance guy. He’ll put up a picture, or if you have a maintenance issue they take care of it and will leave a note that he finished it.”
And for fun, the growing Bluffs community doesn’t have to look far. Robin has coffee often with the neighbors and loves the easy access to the attached Willows restaurant, which offers daily food and happy hour specials.
“We go to the Willows for dinner, and we get together in the TV room. We like current events. It’s like a social time,” Robin said. “It’s very diverse in ages and professions.”
While she once struggled to see herself living at the Bluffs, Robin is now happy to spread the word about this somewhat well-kept secret.
“I love living there and my family is happy I’m here,” she said. “It fits my lifestyle.”
To learn more about the Bluffs and other Lloyd properties, visit http://www.334rent.com.