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Moving Moments: Dan's Story

Our Moving Moments series captures current renters as they talk about living in our communities.  Meet Dan, one of our residents at West Pointe Townhomes in southwest Sioux Falls.  Here's his story:

An opportunity to play French horn in the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra led Dan to relocate from his home in Dallas, Texas.


Not knowing much about Sioux Falls, “I asked a bunch of people who lived here what areas were good,” he said.


An online search led him to West Pointe, a new community from Lloyd Companies in southwest Sioux Falls.


“The price was good for how much space there was, and it was brand new,” he said. “We definitely wanted to do a townhome versus an apartment building.”


His wife is still looking for a job in town. Meanwhile Dan and the family cat, Zesper, have settled into their new home.


“It’s perfect,” Dan said. “I like how every unit has a two-car garage. I only have one car, so it’s plenty of space, and it’s a huge garage anyway. I haven’t had any trouble with appliances, because it’s brand new, and whoever they use to take care of the snow is great. That’s been no issue.”


He’s finding Sioux Falls has more to offer than he thought – from local coffee shops to a bigger city feeling than he anticipated.


Living at West Pointe “is nice being away from the middle of everything,” he said. “It’s quiet. Coming from Dallas, Texas, it’s quite different and quite nice.”


For now he’s living in a one-bedroom townhome but is looking at moving to two-bedroom at West Pointe rather than any other complex.


“I see (property manager) Justin from time to time and he’s really nice asking about how things are going and if I need anything,” Dan said. “When I moved in, he wasn’t able to be here, so someone else took time out of their schedule to do that.”


To learn more about West Pointe and other Lloyd properties, visit http://www.334rent.com.