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Lloyd Companies named one of Prairie Business Magazine's 50 Best Places to Work

We are thrilled to announce that we've been selected as one of Prairie Business Magazine's 50 Best Places to Work. Congratulations to all of our Sioux Falls friends who also made the list, and thank you to our employees, vendors, customers, clients, and investors for giving us an opportunity to be honored in this way. 

Prairie Business Magazine says, "this list of great workplaces has become a staple  of Prairie Business’ coverage, awaited eagerly by  the nominees and the employees who nominate  them. These companies have succeeded in  creating environments that foster collaboration   and fun, provide ample opportunities for their  employees’ professional growth, and implement  corporate structures that allow input from all team  members through the ranks. Congratulations to  all this year’s winners, chosen from almost 950  nominations. They are excellent role models for  forward-thinking, team-driven success."

Since our employees nominated us for this recognition, we wanted to thank them by publicly by highlighting their work . We believe people are the foundation of great projects, and we have been fortunate to work with the best in our industry for the past 45 years. Our employees' commitment to excellence has helped us create a legacy of exceptional development throughout the region. 

Meet Ashley Lipp, a regional manager with our residential property management team.